Child support

So this is my story I thought I was sterile because of a decision I made when I was 18 .. So after receiving my BFP at 22 with my SO I'd been dating for about a year I was estatic I literally thanked God for trusting me.. Well things got Rocky quickly Bc I wasn't ready and I feel my partner was just excited that he got me pregnant not thinking about the future .. Well long story short we got in an argument which ended in him physically abusing me I ended up in the hostpital at 14 weeks with his child .. He had only went to one appt prior to the drama so emotionally I already felt alone .... Any who .. We broke up and havnt spoke since I am now 22weejs as of tomorrow.. I send him updates as far as ultrasounds when I have appts and let him know the sex of the baby but we don't speak period.. Well today I found out he is trying to move states which I have no problem with being that I don't want to be with him at all sucks he won't be near the baby but that's something he will have to live with.. I'll continue to pray.. But my worry is that I am filing for child support I have all his info bday social address phone number unless he moves or changes his number . I'm stressing Bc if he flees and doesn't sign birth certificate could I still get child support? I have anxiety attacks Bc if the thought of going through this crap.. Does any one know how this goes down? Legally?