S.O. family doesnt get me.....


So we have been together for over a decade and they still don't get me. It's very annoying and disrespectful to me I feel at this point.

They are one of those families that celebrate everything together. And there's alot of them so there is always something. A marriage a birthday a graduation a baby christenings the list goes on and on.

Im not a people person I hate crowds and crowds with people I don't really know ontop of it in a space where I can't get away from it. No thank you!

So I get yet another invitation to yet another baby shower and I don't want to go. My S.O. mother however does and it's just assumed that I will take her. (She doesn't drive.)

Now I'm left trying to figure away out of this when these people should have seen over the past ten years that I don't show up for these things unless I absolutely have to. I wish they would save the trees and the stamp and not send me this stuff.

I try not to hurt anyone's feelings my S.O. is great he gets it. My family gets it they don't invite me to stuff when there is going to be alot of people there that I don't know.

Normally he would just take his mom when it's something like a birthday or graduation. But bridal showers and baby showers.... Ugh that burden is on me. Not to mention I work 6 days a week and this is on Sunday afternoon when I'm trying to get stuff done.

Sorry for the length but ugh I don't know what to do anymore with this stuff.

Any advice or if anyone else gets where I'm coming from any advice would be appreciated. Thank you