Quality time problemssss

My fiancé is a hard working man, works 7 days a week with hardly any days off. He gets home around 8pm the latest and once he's home he either sleeps, or goes & spends time with his mate who lives in our street. When he comes home & sleeps I don't mind, I understand . But when he would rather spend time down the road then with his own 2 year old child who is always asking for her daddy that pisses me off. He thinks there's nothing wrong & doesn't understand why I get mad. & tonight, it's our 1 year anniversary being engaged (together for 4 years) and it's currently 11:30pm and his still out with his friend drinking, when he told me he was going to pick up his phone from work at 7pm. His came home for 10 mins, couldn't understand why I was so mad then left to go to the store. I honestly can't take it anymore, considering we have baby #2 on the way yet he can't even put his already 2 year old before his "mates". Am I overreacting or does someone understand where I'm coming from!!