Any advise would be appreciated

Right for the last year I've been having zoladex injections to put me through menopause to reboot my reproductive system to get pregnant in November I had my last injection as they was monthly and then on the 31st January I had my first period it was heavy normal and lasted a week, we've been having sex on my ovulating days and now I'm 7 days before my next period is due, although on Tuesday my little girl jumped on my tummy unexpectedly it sent a horrible pain from the vagina up into my stomach I had a loss of blood and I've been in excruciating pain since I went to the Drs yesterday they said I must have a water infection and said they couldn't test for pregnancy, they gave me antibiotics and sent me away.. Today I've woke up on more pain and being constantly sick this morning I went to work but had to come home because I just keep being sick and in pain! 
I'm not getting any help from the Drs or mu nurse I just need some guidance and help 
Thanks in advance j x