Supply or growth spurt question: UPDATE!!

Natalie • Wife, RN and mommy to 2 beautiful little girls 💕
2/19- DD will be 12 weeks tomorrow. We've been EBF. I was doing some pumping, have a little stash and was doing the occasional bottle, but lately I'm just letting her nurse. She was going 6-8 hrs at night! The past few weeks she's back to every 3-4hrs at night. She goes 2-3hrs during the day (which is normal for her) My question is, do you think it's a growth spurt? Growth spurts always seem like a wanting to eat constantly which it's not, just eating more frequently at night again. I'm also worried that my supply isn't as good? but she has plenty of wet diapers. She has been a little more fussy the past few days but she's about to go through a wonder week period. I'm considering using some frozen milk for a big bottle at bedtime and starting to pump again. Any other recommendations or similar stories?? I've heard around 3 months babies may not stay satisfied for long. Thanks!
UPDATE 2/21: Baby girl went 6+ hrs last night! Didn't eat until 3:40! And again around 6:15. She's also been sleeping pretty much all day. It was definitely a growth spurt and I'd say it lasted about a week. I initially posted when I was pretty much burnt out and scared for my supply, which was 2 days ago. Yesterday she barely napped at all and my breasts were so soft from her eating so much I thought my implant had popped 😆 Then last night and today, completely different! My left breast actually got full again. Just some words of encouragement ladies, you CAN do it! If you are feeling burnt out, tired, discouraged know you are giving your baby the best and none of it lasts forever ☺️