Toddler advice-- a little TMI-


Good morning ladies, I wasnt really sure where to post about this. I have a toddler, she's 20 months, she is my first baby and I need advice.


My daughter has been very constipated for the past week, and I'm just not sure what to do. We've cut back on cheese and milk, she drinks more water through out the day and sometimes apple juice... most mornings she will eats eggs for me but lately she hasn't been eating a lot of solid foods, and we think it's due to her being constipated... I know as children get older things change and I'm just not sure if this may be due to a growth spurt or what.

She is not teething anymore, she doesn't always seem like it's bothering her when she tries to go potty.. sometimes she gets fussy...

Any advice on what to try ? Is it because of a growth spurt ? She's always done things early, and she will be two mid June..

Thank you in advance for anyone who can give me advice on what to do