New vaginal discharge


I went to the bathroom yesterday and saw some clear cm with very tiny streaks of blood almost hair thin in my underwear. I wiped and found more of the same discharge on the toilet paper. The discharge was mostly clear but had two or three streaks. The next time I went I found more of the clear discharge with streaks and when I wiped it was a creamy pink color. This very faint bleeding has been accompanied by very light cramping.

I don't want to jump to conclusions. That usually ends up with heart ache when aunt Flo comes, but I am no where near my period. According to ovulation tests and two apps tracking my cycle, I ovulated on Monday, 2.15.16. Today is 2.19.16, only four days later.

Does this sound like implantation bleeding? I know that you can have some bleeding after you ovulate as well but this is 4 days later so it would look like old blood, right?

Any input would be helpful. Thank you.