Thought I was going into preterm labor

Around 2 AM I yelled for my husband to come downstairs. I'm only 32 weeks along...  Of course the only place I can sleep is the couch. I probably indured the most painful 20 minutes of my life. At least contractions come and go and they are gradual. This was all of the sudden and extremely excruciating and only getting worse. So we rush to the hospital,  it's a 30 min drive. By the time we were about 5 minutes into the drive the pain was going away. Once I arrived they hooked me up to monitors and did an ultrasound. It turned out baby was shifting into head down position and I just felt every twitch and muscle in my abdominal area shift and squeeze as he took his time swimming down. Baby is ok, I got discharged shortly after. But tummy is still sore. 
Has anyone had any similar situations happen to them?