This month marks a year if ttc'ing

... 2 early miscarriages.

Countless opks and hcgs.

Charting and temping.... and I'm still here.

This month is different though... for some unknown reason I had a delayed ovulation.

My opks were positive on Tues and Wednesday but my temp didn't rise til today.(cd 24) And it shot up!!... Ive never had a temp rise like this before.

I'm always 97.4 or less before ovulation and I usally jump to 97.8 the day after. Then the numbers slowly move around here and there til they drop off by 10dpo.

Yesterday my temp was 97.42 and today I woke up at 98.46.

I feel fine... actually I feel great. I slept great (besides having a weird dream about my hubby)I slept through the night. I feel energized.

There's no way I'm sick or feverish. So that spike isnt due to a cold.

My point is... Im not pregnant ... its been a hard year of trying. But it's still worth it. Every month is an adventure. Every month my hubby loves and supports my efforts ♡♡ which is probably why I haven't cracked yet.

TTC isnt just a journey for a baby. It's a journey to find yourself.... dont get wrapped up in all the little details. Don't lose the love in overplanning bd nights.

Be relaxed as much as you can and try to enjoy the journey. Not everyone gets an easy ttc story so do the best with what you have.