How can I break up with him??

I think I need to break up with my boyfriend. We're 21 months in and I love him, but he is not giving me what I deserve in a relationship. For one, he cannot tell me he loves me. He's never been able to say it. And secondly, he puts me secondary to his parents and family and I feel second class and unimportant in his life. If I am supposed to join in marriage with a man, shouldn't it be someone who loves me and puts my opinion first above his parents'?
So I think I need to break up with him. Continuing to be with him, without him being able to say I love you, and with these issues, makes me feel so insecure. The thing is that I love him. I love when we're together, I love our jokes, our conversations, our thoughts and ideas and how he treats me in general. And in every other way shape and form, he is absolutely the perfect man for me, in every other regard he has blown my expectations of a partner out of the water and just amazed me that someone that amazing could exist. But him not being able to say " I love you" has just gotten to a point where I'm wondering if we're meant to be.
I know he doesn't want to break up at all, but I think I need to. But how do I? How can I when the reason I'm breaking up with him is because I love him more than he loves me? How do you break up with someone you love and thought you would marry?