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So my fiance and i are living togther his brother in law came to visit and hes stay with us for a week or so ithink beacuse we have property we will built in so we are hardly home we mostly at his cousion house anyways his brother in law and cousion like drink so i stayed home& clean and wash clothes since we havent been home so they had to go to work and after they when go drink with some other guy and they stayed the night over there, they when with his brother in law witch the one has a car only idk what to say to him . Im mad they left me hungry ps we have no food at the house we are realy never there. Ps we barly moved to tijuana mexico so i would want toΒ Β o out at night look for tacos cus they say its danger to be out at night I couldnt sleep all night and his brother in law told he broke my bf fone because he was mad gis wife was talk him in phone and argued. So finally my bf brother in law came bak and brought my bf we dont have car so we go every wer with him he has a car