BV at 22 wks & 3 days?! HELP!

For about a week now I've been experiencing discharge with an unpleasant (fishy) odor but no burning or itching or anything.  When I looked up online, BV is characterized by a fishy odor and apparently it's not totally uncommon in pregnant women.  From what I read online BV can cause pre term labor or even worse, miscarriage!  
My next scheduled appt with my OB is not until March 7.  Do I call my Dr ASAP and explain/make an appt?  Today is Saturday and my Dr isn't in until Monday.  Is it safe to wait until Monday or is this urgent?  Have I already waited too long???  Please help!!  First time mom here and I am very worried and concerned.
Also, I felt the baby really kicking/moving tonight for the first time (which was the most amazing feeling😍) so I'm especially emotional! :(