Madeleine McCann

So I saw this on Facwbook IT IS NOT MY WORDS! And as its so long I couldn't screenshot it had to copy and paste it but what are peoples thoughts on this??
48 questions I would like Kate McCann to answer.
1. Why did you not physically search for Madeleine?
2. Why did you leave the twins when you realised Madeleine was missing, risking them also being taken?
3. What did you mean by 'they've taken her'. Who's 'they' Kate?
4. Why did you refuse to answer police questioning that could have helped find your daughter?
5. At the time, Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, not the Foreign Secretary. So why did he put so much pressure on the Portuguese police?
6. Why did you wash cuddle cat?
7. Where is Madeleine's pink blanket now, we know it was on her bed 4th May?
8. Why did you lie about the shutters being smashed/jemmied/broken?
9. Why did you change your original statement from the door being locked to the door being unlocked?
10. Why did you presume Madeleine had been abducted when there was no evidence to suggest she had been?
11. What happened to the blue sports bag that was in your wardrobe?
12. Why didn't the twins wake up the night Madeleine disappeared when there were people constantly walking in and out of their room?
13. Why did you dismiss the dogs evidence knowing that they had been right in at least 200 cases?
14. Why was Madeleine's DNA found in the boot of the hire car that had been hired 24 days after her disappearance?
15. How could you and Gerry find it in you to laugh/jog/play tennis days after your daughters disappearance?
16. Why did you get the media involved so early on ignoring the advise from the Portuguese police?
17. Why did it take 45 minutes for the police to be called?
18. Why are there so many inconsistency in all of your statements?
19. Why were the checks more consistent on the night Madeleine was reported missing?
20. Why was Madeleine crying for an hour and 15 minutes even though phone records prove Kate was in the apartment 3 minutes before?
21. Why did you hire Carter Ruck lawyers, especially the one that specialised in extraditions?
22. Why has only 10% of the fund been spent on the search?
23. Why did you suppress the E-Fits that are being used in the current investigation, is it because the Smiths identified your husband as the man they saw carrying Madeleine towards the beach the night of Madeleine's disappearance?
24. Why is your online shop still up and running even though there is 2 ongoing investigations?
25. Why did the government assign their spin doctor to control what is said about you in the media less than 24 hours after Madeleine's disappearance?
26. Why did you leave Portugal so quickly after being made arguidos?
27. Why did you lie about cuddle cat being high up on a shelf?
28. What on earth did you mean by this comment - "The police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us,"?
29. Why did you celebrate Madeleine's 4th birthday, shouldn't you have been searching?
30. Why is the fund not registered with the Charities Commission?
31. Why do you think it's acceptable to talk about your child's 'perfect genitals being torn apart' in your book?
32. Why is there no mention of Katerina Gaspers statement in your book, accusing David Payne of making inappropriate comments about your child to your husband?
33. Why did you draw so much attention to Madeleine's eye after the PJ warned you it could push the 'abductors' to harm her?
34. Why did you discount Mrs Fenns account of the crying?
35. What files does Theresa May have that she refuses to share with Portugal?
36. Why did you refuse to do reconstruction?
37. Why have you said you wish Gonçalo to be miserable and feel fear, he did everything possible to search for your child until he uncovered the truth of what you did to her?
38. Why were you happy with courting the media as long as they only reported an abduction?
39. Why are you suing people that are asking questions or purporting a theory?
40. Why did you spend £100K getting the police files translated but haven't released them?
41. Will you refund anyone who gave donations who have now read the evidence, should they want one?
42. How could the curtains 'Whooosh!' When they were trapped between the bed and the chair?
43. Why did it take you 144 days to get the twins tested to see if they had been sedated the night Madeleine disappeared?
44. What was in Gerry CATS file before it was sanitised?
45. How did the intruder manage to leave no forensic evidence?
46. Why was there no DNA found belonging to Madeleine in the apartment, forcing Gerry to return home to collect her pillowcase?
48. Why will you go to Portugal to attend the libel trial in the hope of receiving a million pound pay out but not while the police are trying to dig up your child's body?