Vaginal growth ?!?!?


Before I became pregnant I could feel something on my vaginal wall. It made sex painful and I would/will bleed during and after sex. My ob didn't seem super concerned and said we would watch it.

About 2 weeks ago I started getting horrible pain on my right side. I have already had my appendix removed so I knew it wasn't that. I waited almost a week and went to the doctor. They did a pelvic exam which turned messy very quick. It was very uncomfortable for me and every time a doctor (i had multiple opinions from other doctor's in the office) would go in and touch or look the growth would bleed.

My doctor ordered for me to go in for a surgical procedure for her to get a better look and biopsy whatever this is. I'm in constant path with pressure on my right side. I'm scared for the surgery, not because of being put under but because I'm scared what this is.

My question has anyone ever experienced anything close to this? Or know of anyone with something similar? I did go online and that wasn't a smart idea.