Fed up!!

I'm getting really fed up of my partner. We've been together for over 3 years and have a 2 year old together and expecting another one in June.

He doesn't help me with a thing! No housework, no cooking and nothing with our toddler - no baths or putting him to bed. I do everything and its really getting to me. All he does is play games all day at 24!

My back is really playing up where I can't walk properly not to mention my fed up mood so I'm behind on housework and really trying to catch up when I can but thats hard with no energy and a toddler to take care of that just gets everything back out whilst I'm trying to do it.

He always says he plays games because he is bored .. how can you be bored when you have a small child to play and bond with!? He drives and has 2 days off a week but is so lazy and spend every minute he is awake on those games.

I just want a real man not some little boy that plays games all day, its really frustrating me!! I'm about to lose my temper and smash his computer up if he isn't careful 😠

He works an 8 hour shift 5 days a week and its not hard work either as he works overnight where the place is closed. He has weeks holiday and even then does nothing with his child but play games all day everyday. Free time yes have a couple of hours when your child is in bed at 6pm (he gets ready at 9pm) not every single day.

Wheres my free time? .. I don't get any! Children are a 24/7 responsibility. My shift doesn't end ...