Heartburn .

Siddiqah • Expecting my dream come true. 💘💫
Hi ladies , 
Hope everyone feels okay and taking each day one at a time! For me I haven't been fortunate enough to escape symptom acknowledgement. Heartburn has been my number one sign that lets me know day after day that I'm preggers . This has been one symptom that I absolutely CANNOT ignore . If I'm sleeping I'll even wake up with the chest pains and crazy thing is I'll actually take a tums . Rob will be like " bae just take one .. The label says such and such .. " haha. I dread taking medicine of any kind just because I'm not too sure what's all in it & all . But my baby keeps me at ease cause he knows if i can't sleep he probably won't get ample rest you know ?
( Which makes me emotional as hell. ) But anyway idk . I'm super excited , and even with the heartburn taking oxygen from me in the middle of the night we're still so blessed , thankful and happy. 💗