I can't stand her!!!

My friend is pregnant and we are both due this month. She always has something negative to say. She is never positive. Pregnancy turned her in to a cry baby. All she does is whine. Oh my back, oh my hips, oh my legs, oh my head. The doctor told me I'm borderline diabetic. My baby can die any moment. She exaggerates to the max on everything. I can't bend over because I'm squishing the baby. I can't lift the gallon of milk. I can't push the grocery cart. It's the most annoying thing in the world. I'm in pain too but u don't hear me complaining. I love her. She's an awesome friend but I just can't stand her during our pregnancy. She's such a Debbie downer. Anything positive u say she will find a way to turn it in to a negative. I'm not sure if I should cut our friend ship now or wait to see how she is going to parent. I can't say it to her face because I don't want to hurt her so I'm guessing cutting our friendship will be best.