My SO..

He has some anger issues... He will get out of control when he is mad and start yelling and throwing things.. I've been with him for almost 2 years now.. He always told me he would change.. But so far, he hsnt..!! Lately, he will come home from work, or I'll come home from work, & he will be in such a dick mood with me.. Where he will get mad if I ask him anything, or even if I say something wrong and he dsnt like it, he'll get so mad at me, and start talking to me like if I annoyed him, and he'll look at me like so mean... Whyy?? Is he cheating?? Is this how guys act when they are? Idk but I always feel some infidelity from his side.. Even tho we're almost together all the time. And we aren't , he's at work or I'm at work... Today he told me he missed me so much and that he just wanted to see me already... And so when he gets home, I played around with him just by asking him "why" when he told me that he was wearing my bracelet. I didn't talk to him in any bitch way I just said why and smiled.. Cs I play around like that with him but today he got very upset and looked at me so rude and talked back to me in such a dick tone... And as soon as he started raising his voice at me, I started to cry :( I automatically just start to cry now whenever he yells at me :( it hurts me because I love him so much and I give him my all and I try my bestes for this relationship, and we are even TTC.... So I'm just like 😞😞😞😞😞