Small Belly

Amanda • Josiah 6/24/16 👶 10/15/16 💍 Nathan 6/14/18 👶 21 years old
I am so tired of hearing people ask me why I haven't popped? Or if I am really pregnant? Yes I know for 22 weeks I am small. Your comments about it doesn't help me worry any less. I look at all these other woman at this far and see them bigger. It worries me something I'm doing is wrong. You bringing it up doesn't help me!!! I asked my doctor and he isn't worried so I'm not either. It does get aggravating hearing the Comments though. The doctor says I'm progressing like I'm supposed to. So when you see a belly that's small please don't make comments on it. I know people don't mean it to be mean but after a while it does get annoying and hurts feelings. I just had to rant about this... it's all people wanna talk and ask about on me here lately. 😕