1st time pregnant and worried always

I'm 27 weeks, almost 28 weeks And I don't feel my baby girl move very often.. Thursday she moved around like crazy but Friday and through the weekend hardly any movement.. I have tried all sorts of things to get her to move but nothing is working.. This is my first baby so I'm constantly freaking out, and I mean freaking out, never knew how much you could worry about someone else:( read where people say they can see their belly move due to baby kicking at this point in pregnancy or that they feel movement all the time and then I'm over here worried. Every doc appointment has been good. Baby developing just as she should, weighing what she should and heartbeat is strong. I do smoke but less than 5 a day.. No judgement please, I already feel horrible for this, Any advice would be great but if you don't have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself please!