Csection mommas

Patricia • My name is Tricia! I've been married for almost 6 years. I have 2 beautiful girls!
Okay today I have definitely noticed that I've dropped. Yesterday she was all up in my ribs and today I noticed not once has she got in to my ribs. I looked into the mirror and my belly is hanging. Last Monday I was having some pretty frequent contractions where they have had to stop them with a shot. I was then placed on bed rest. I have a white discharge that began today. But thankfully no serious contractions.. Just the normal Braxton hicks. They are a little strong but nothing I'm too worried about. Any csection mommas noticed that you have dropped or lost your plug? I'm scared of going into labor. I want to just have a normal planned csection. I don't want another emergency. I'm ready but I want the baby to be healthy as can be. 35 weeks 2 days. Planed csection on 3-25