Why do women think it's ok to post pictures of their children?

On the Internet? I see many women on this app with their children in their profile pic. Yes they are very sweet and cute, but do you not realize all these people on here are complete strangers? Who could possibly save your child's picture for God knows what?  
Shouldn't parents wait till the child is old enough to give consent if they want their picture blasted on the Internet for the world to see? What if they get older and they decide they don't want any type of social media because they want to be private, but then learn they have hundreds of their childhood photos up on the Internet for anyone to look at. I think it's wrong. Friends and family are going to want to see your child of course, but why post it publicly? Stangers are going to see your child when you go out in public yea, but how many of them will be able to save a picture of your child for their own pleasure ? 
💕And I understand not my child not my business, but I'm just really curious on why people think it's ok. That's why debates are formed, to discuss different sides and opinions. Otherwise why the heck are you in the controversy corner