Best way to introduce 3.5 year old to new baby


For the mom's who have 2 or more...what would you say is the best way to introduce your child to the new baby? The plan is when I go in labour my mom will take my 3.5 year old.. I want my daughter to be the first to meet the baby so I thought my mom can bring her in to the hospital after I have the baby. I'm just worried that she is will be upset or jealous when it's time for her to go and hubby and I will be staying at the hospital until discharged.

When its time for her to leave, would it maybe be a better idea if daddy said he would take her for ice cream or out for a bite to eat or something so she was leaving excited for that..and then he could drop her back off with my mom after? (She's a daddy's girl)

She absolutely loves her grandma but I think with the excitement of baby sister and us staying at the hospital..she may not be too happy about having to leave with Grandma again. It would break my heart to think she feels hurt by it