Can someone help me please, it upsets me a lot.

It scared me cause sometimes I just think I'm overthinking, but I was out one night with some of my mates and older lads who were driving and that, I'm 14, and they was all making plans to sleep with each other and then my name was mentioned and I barely knew them and wouldn't of anyway, and I was making up excuses and that like 'I'm on my period' all my mates were going come on it's just a bit of fun and all that and I got called boring and that from all the lads, and I didn't know where we was we was out somewhere and to be honest I was quite scared, and we parked up and I was left in the back with this lad and he kept saying take your clothes off etc and I kept saying no , then he stared taking my clothes off so I just kept silent and lay down and had sex with him, I didn't kiss him or anything, and it botheres me all the time, and I think he's about 17/18 and I just wondered what other people was thinking, I'm very scared about putting this up but I carnt talk to no one about it😞