Any tips on caring for a very sick kitten?!

My cat had kittens almost 5 weeks ago who were born very small, but there's this one kitten who is the size of a newborn kitten and today she became very extremely ill. She couldn't move her back legs, couldn't walk and wasn't moving. She was making deep breaths and the mother won't feed her now:( I'm just a dropper and trying to give her as much cat milk as I can but she simply just doesn't want any(I have to force it) I called the vet and there's nothing else I can do but give her TLC and feed her every hour. I have to take a wet cloth and rub her gential parts lightly so she can go use the bathroom since that's what stimulates them and they can't control their own bladder yet(THANK YOU GOOGLE!) I didn't know this and Google has been very helpful.. Does anyone know how much I should feed her in drops? She's also walking on her own and moving around but sleeping a lot but she's improved.