Double standards rant

Double standards are the stupidest thing in the world. Why does my brother get to shower fuck his girlfriend but when my boyfriend is here (he lives on Florida I do not) i can't even sit on a couch next to him without being watched? Like yes being close to him is going to instantly get me pregnant. I just don't understand this shit. Like yeah I'm 18 and my brothe is almost 21. He still lives at home had no job and isn't in college. Meanwhile I'm going to college in less than 3 months I'm the most reponsible person in this house and I'm not a druggie. Why are women expected to be so much more "behaved" than men? Like I can't even cuddle with my boyfriend without my mom saying "you better not get pregnant". I've been dating him for 4 years consistently. We don't break up every other day like my brother and his whore. I just don't understand. I'm baffled and flabbergasted at how stupid this is. Like I'm not stupid enough to get pregnant but I'd like to be trusted with my boyfriend alone