Light at the end of the tunnel šŸ’—

(WARNING; this is going to be long! And it has no relation to my pregnancy, I'm just happy and need to share)

From what I've been told, my SO's parents have been together for 26 years. They've done nothing but fuss and fight the entire time, but had 6 children despite the fighting. 5 boys and finally 1 girl. Even through her pregnancies, my SO's mother was beaten by his father. But today marked the beginning of the light at the end of the tunnel... My SO's mother and 12 year old, autistic sister, finally were able to get out. Many times she has tried and came back (Mind you that she doesn't know English, can't read or write, she must take care of her autistic daughter, so there is no possible way for her to get a job of her own; my point - She didn't run back because she's dumb, she came back because she couldn't survive on her own) On Saturday, February 27th, 2016, my SO's parents had a huge fight while we were there. They were screaming and yelling in the front yard (We were all about to go out to eat) while his sister was in the truck. After his parents went inside my SO and I attempted to get his sister out of the car because by that time his father was severely drunk and if he took off, we didn't want her in the car when he did it. When we asked her to get out and come back inside the house she started screaming and yelling, throwing things, and refused to move from the car. Because of the situation I was stressed out and needed to sit down and relax for a moment; while I did that, he somehow coaxed her out of the car and inside. His patents fought until 3:00 a.m. (The fighting started at 6:00 p.m.)

Today his mother got a call from the police saying that if she and her daughter didn't leave, they'd take her away. Needless to say my SO's mother and sister left (They went to a women's shelter about 50 miles from their home). This horrible situation finally has came to an end and she is safe from harms way. We've found out that someone called the cops that night; we don't care who did it or why but we're thankful. (To explain how drunk his father truly was, he drank 6 32oz cans of beer, so basically a 12 pack by himself) We're praying that things only get better from this point on. šŸ™ā¤