Little story

My heart began racing, as my pulse quickened. He stood before my very eyes, shirtless. I couldn’t remove my gaze from his chest, his deep rich tanned skin drawing me into a deeper trance. My gazed became fixated on the tribal tattoo on his chest. There was this sudden urge to place my hand across his chest, tracing every inch of his tattoo with my fingers. My eyes continued to wander, reaching his perfectly sculpted abs. This man could not be any more perfect. It wasn’t long before my beady eyes finally reached the hem of his sweats. They lay effortlessly on his hip, not failing to accentuate his v-line. I was so lost in trance, that I hadn’t realised he moved closer. My heart quickened, as I took a step back. Though he was determined to close the gap between us, as he inched closer, however it quickly dawned on me, that I had nowhere to go. I was trapped between his bed and him.  He was so close, I could feel the heat radiating of his body. I finally looked up, to meet his eyes. He had a small smirk on his face. God this man was driving my insides crazy. 
“Are you afraid of me?”  He spoke in a soft husky voice. He was so close to my face, that I could feel his hot breath gently hit my face. Words failed to project out of my mouth, so I stupidly shook my head.
“Good” he replied. Before I had a time to respond to his statement, I felt my body being pushed onto his bed. And it was then I knew that I had found my match. He was everything I wanted and more, Mr Perfect
My breaths quickened, as he swiftly placed himself directly on top of me. 
“Release yourself to me” he spoke. 
My nerves began to disappear at his sudden command. Still locked in eye contact, I nodded in accepting his command.  He nuzzled my neck, placing gentle kisses there. Fuck he smelled so good. It was an earthy musk with a tinge of spice. His soft kisses became sucking. A soft moan escaped my lips.
His hands began moving slowly from my thighs towards the hem of my shirt. Every touch was so tantalising, sending chills all over my body. He balled the bottom of my shirt in his fist, as he stared directly into my eyes. Fuck even the way he looked at me was enough to send me mad. His eyes were so deep, sea blue and currently dilated. I watched as he raised one eyebrow, tugging onto my shirt. He was asking for permission. I nodded as my stomach clenched, anticipating as to the events that would follow.
With one swift move my top was off, exposing my burgundy lace bra on.  There was a hungry look in his eyes as they grazed my body. Out of embarrassment, I found myself covering myself up with my hands. He gave me a questioning look before shaking his head with a smirk plastered on his face, before I knew it he had both of my hands clasped in his as he lifted them of my breast and pinned them above my head. Staring in awe at him, he leaned in quickly finding himself to my neck. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, driving my insides up a wall. 
He whispered in my ear, “Don’t be shy now pumpkin.” 
He began kissing and bitting his neck. His hands found their way to my breast; it wasn’t long before his lips followed, delicately placing kisses on my breast. His hands were moving towards my back. Before I knew it, he unclasped my bra hook, freeing my breast. I watched as he removed my bra, dropping it on the floor. 
There was this sudden heat on my nipple. He had latched his mouth onto my right breast, whilst he used his hand to knead my left breast. I couldn’t stop the moans that were escaping my lips; he was just too damn good. He momentarily left my breast, and I could feel that he was fiddling to get my pants off. Success! I could hear the sound of him unzipping my jeans.  Unlatching his mouth of my breast, leaving them throbbing; he pulled my jeans off leaving the matching lace burgundy panties. He didn’t waste time with my panties, sliding them right off. Once off, he clasped my head with his hands, as his mouth crashed with my mine. 
Kissing each breast, before cupping them, he placed a trail of hot kisses on my stomach, inching closer to my clit. When he finally reached my clit, he gave it a light kiss. Oh, he was teasing. I tensed when he started kissing the soft spot on my thigh. Just when I thought the pleasure couldn’t get any better, his mouth finally met my clit. And oh lord was it amazing. My body was sent into a pleasure melt down. Gripping my hips to hold them down, he looked straight at me. Fuck Fuck Fuck
Jesus, this man was doing spectacular things with his tongue. His circular motions became faster and I could feel myself becoming closer to reaching my big O.  
“Is someone very wet for me?” he asked in a raspy tone.
“Mmmmm” I answered unable to put together a sentence
A light chuckle left his mouth as he resumed back to his pleasuring ways.  I gasped when I felt his finger enter me. 
“Oh fuck” was the only words I could say at this moment in time.
“Ahhhhhh” I squealed as an earth shattering orgasm took over me.
When I revived from my moment of pleasure, I could see him at the foot of the bed taking off his sweatpants. Along went his underwear also. What I was left with was this beauty of a man standing before me, completely naked. My eyes we fixated on his ‘friend’, oh my, was he huge. I stared at his erect penis; it was long, thick and tanned. I quickly sat up, eyes still glued on him. There was this urge that I felt; I wanted to see how he tasted. I slowly crawled over to him and just before I could grab his ‘friend’, he pushed me back down pining me in between him. Hovering over me, he was grinning. “Oh no love tonight is all about pleasing you”.
With that, he leaned over to the side of the bed, reaching for the condom on top of his dresser. Just before he ripped the condom open, stupid I had to interfere. “Can I put it on for you?”
He said nothing but smirked and handed the condom over to me. I nervously tore the condom open, pulling the slimy thing out. I placed it on the tip of his erect penis, pinching the top and slowly rolling it down. When I was done, he gently placed me back on my back. Hovering over me, I could feel the tip of the penis in my opening, slowly inserting his penis in me. He was allowing me to feel every inch of him inside me and damn did he feel good. 
His pace started slow, finding his rhythm. My breathing became quicker as his pace quickened. Each thrust brought immense pleasure; I couldn’t help but moan endlessly. He was reaching far into deep places; I didn’t know could ever be reached.
“Oh my god, Fuck me please” I screamed breathlessly 
“What was that love?” 
“Fuck me please” whimpering desperately. I needed this so bad. There was a moment of silence before he replied.
“Look at me” he commanded
I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t bring myself to look.
“I said look at me, or ill stop” he demanded
No, I didn’t want him to stop. Slowly opening my eyes, I glanced at him still moaning uncontrollably.
“I’m going to fuck you until you come. Until you scream my name in intense pleasure” His words had me hyperventilating. It was a promise and honestly I wanted him to keep his words.
Our bodies moved in sync that night, clashing into one another. Our breathes became one, as each breathe became harder. Each thrust brought me closer to another earth shattering orgasm.  I felt so close to reaching my climax.
“Shit, I’m about to come” barely able to project the words
“Me too, Fuck” he replied. His moans became much more raspy and heavy. We were going to bring each other to our climax.
My body shrivelled up and I knew I had reached it. “Oh fuck (Insert name)” was all I managed to say or rather scream.
He was quick to follow me, reaching his climax, screaming his own words of pleasure. He collapsed right beside me, both left panting for air. (Insert name) finally got up to throw the condom in the bin. I watched closely, admiring every feature of his body. It was long before my prowling eyes were met with ones of his own. Instead of speaking, he simply return back to bed and pulled me into him. We laid there, no speaking, just our bodies enjoying each other’s warmth. 
My body ached, as it blissfully remembered our time together. I watched him as he began to drift off to sleep. A small locket of his fair fell on his face. I swiftly removed the piece of hair from his face; it was then that I saw the little smile appear on his face. I lightly chuckled; even in his sleep he still looks arrogant.