Testimony!! Sorry long story

Genesis • 25 Mother of 1 baby boy & another on the way
So I was diagnosed with pupps at 34-35 weeks of my pregnancy. It started as a small spot that itched to spreading all over my arms, legs and lower belly. (Some on butt and back) but I literally tried everything! Oatmeal bath, benidryal cream, hydro cream, different soap, detergent, and even lotions. Nothing seemed to work for a long time. It would be worse in the nights to were I wasn't able to sleep for 4 nights straight. I couldn't take it anymore. I asked my doctor about being induced and she said "no" because it's nothing serious. I was pissed. I cried at nights and my fiancé would cheer me up. Well I kept reading one day about "Grandpa tar soap" and I said let me try this out since I did everything else. & thank you God for the people who preached about this soap. I literally am for this product. It helped me so much at nights and then I remembered using ambi foam soap on a wart when I was 15-16 years old and it disappeared. Well I've been using this product for almost 2 weeks and I'm 90% pupps free. No itching just scars from previous itching but it's all worth it. 
I'm sorry this post is so long but this makes me happy to know I can continue my pregnancy happy and itch free. It helped me so much. I just wanted to share.