Relationship advice

So me and my boyfriend have recently been taking a break on our relationship. So currently he says were not together. We were together for 3 years. He says he doesn't want to be with someone who is immature and doesnt trust him(because yes sometimes i have trust issues with him) we have been on a break for about 2 weeks now and its been stressful on me and with our baby coming any day now its been making things worse emotionally for me. Im 19 and hes going to be 23 next month. He says tht us continuing our relationship or us breaking it off all has to do with how my maturity levels change and how independent i can be when the baby comes. As well as my trusting him. Wht im asking is how can i mature more and make him see tht im trusting him more? How can i make him see tht i can be responsible and independent? I just want things to work out between us.