What to do with suspicious husband?

I just put a topic up called "suspicious husband". 
I ended up talking to him about his deleted texts and why he was calling a female coworker after work. 
He claims he deleted the texts on purpose just to piss me off? I'm sorry but I am not buying that. I never go through his phone so he wouldn't have known I was going too. 
And then he said that his coworker had questions about his boss that they couldn't discuss at work. She didn't explain that in the text. She just asked him to give her a call after work and he did.  
I don't mean to jump to conclusions but I am freaking out!!! I really need your help ladies. What do I do? How should I think about all this? What next?  
I have such a bad feeling because he has been acting so weird lately. I am almost convinced he is seeing someone else... But I have no way of proving it!  
Please help 😩