Fire in the Kitchen!! My 8yr old daughter is my hero :)


So yesterday I put a pan with oil on an electric stove. On medium heat to fry french fries.

I received an important call about my daughter getting in trouble and walked away from the stove to my room so my youngest wouldn't hear the conversation. My door was kept open.

Thinking it will take a bit to heat up anyway. I guess my conversation to find out the details of my daughter's situation took more time then I was expecting. All the sudden the smoke alarms go off and my youngest is running in the room all scared telling me the kitchen was on fire.......

Everything happened so fast!!!

I panic.....usually I'm pretty calm in emergency situations but this time my mind was in a shock.....In the process of putting out the fire I made a mistake and made the fire more angry!!! Neatless to say the fire got higher.....

**my 8yr old was such a little hero she came with the fire extinguisher and said, " mami use this it will put out the fire." She grabbed our little Kuma boy (furry family member) and lowered her self to the ground.

Thank you to our educational system that teaches Safety to our children.....

Finally fire is out.. house is beyond smoky and a mess everywhere. After 8 minutes the smoke cleared and we came back into the apartment.

Honestly if it wasn't for my amazing daughter thinking smart I don't know how big and damaging this fire would of been.

I called the nurse because I'm 30 weeks and I inhale the smoke and the dust from the extinguisher and was afraid It was harmful to my baby. She said baby will be fine.....

Everything finished with a giant mess and my hand having small burn marks.

Story of my life. ... everyone is safe and healthy thank god.