Nicola 🐟 • 💙 Jan 07💙 💛TTC Apr 14💛 💚BFP 5 Jun 16💚 💙💕due Feb 2017💕💙

I'll be finding out on Friday if I have pcos. It's been playing on the back of my mind for a while. We're on cycle 23 ttc.

I've been googling my heart out and making notes. I seem to be ticking all the boxes so if it's not pcos I'll be very surprised. At first I thought it was my thyroid but the blood test has ruled it out.

I've been also looking at supplements and medications to ask for at my next appointment and came across myo-inositol, has anyone here used it before ? What was your experience with it?

Can it be taken with metformin and clomid?

And also Friday will be mid cycle, if it turns out to be the case that pcos is the issue, is it ok to take myo-inositol from like next Thursday (estimated delivery)