Stalled out :(


At my appointment on Monday (39 weeks +4days) he gave me a membrane sweep, and said I was 2 cm and very soft and stretchy. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything,but after that I was having contractions every 40-30 minutes, and the continued all night, and midday yesterday they were averaging 20 minutes apart, by 8 pm they were 10 minutes, but they were inconsistent most of the day, and they weren't even uncomfortable, so I knew I wasn't close to needing to go in.

But I had a shower at 8 pm and after that they just stopped :( I was hoping they would keep going and just get more consistent and stronger. But nope. I think I've had maybe 4 or 5 today. Pretty disappointed that I stalled out.

Damn you false labor and getting my hopes up! Lol