Pie chart life??

My now ex bf and i were talking about the future and what not. He asked me where i see myself in 5 years. In 5 years i will be 28 and i said i hope to be married if not engaged. I asked him what he thought. He didnt seem to think the same as me. Hes 25 and i asked him if all of his friends getting engaged bothered him. He said not at all. And then he compared his life to a pie chart. He said that most of his "pie chart" is taken up by school work and work. And whatever is left is basically for friendships and relationships. I felt shitty after that. He basically said that i was being put on the back burner and he knew it. Well, 2 days after that he broke up with me. We fought a lot anyway near the end. I do miss him though. Am i wrong for feel upset about this?