Multiple follicles told to skip cycle

So, my husband and I have been trying since June of 2014. I'm 26, he's 30. So far we have had one miscarriage as our only pregnancy. I have Hashimotos disease and PCOS. I'm on metformin and have had 4 rounds of clomid. We have recently started working with a fertility specialist at our local, well known fertility clinic. This cycle I was on clomid then had multiple injections of Follisitim to help my follicles grow. At first it was a slow response but after 5 days straight of injecting, today on my scan I had 3 "mature /close to" follicles (16,17 and 18.9 mm). The nurse  in the morning still went through the trigger shot instructions with me and said my nurse would call this afternoon and she was pretty sure I would be okay to go. So I get the call this afternoon and since I have three mature follicles they don't want us to do anything this cycle because it's a high risk of triplets or multiples. It's very hard to hear that after trying for so long and not getting to ovulate very often let alone have a mature follicle. I understand the risks of multiples in a pregnancy. Has anyone been in my situation? What would / did you do? And I know we can wait til next cycle, it's just hard to give up on this one so quickly. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced, sorry this is long!