I know this is an off topic type of post. But i really just need someonento talk to about this. Me and my boyfriend have been together almost two years. (8-21-14). I got pregant qith our son in November of 2014. And had him august 17th of 2015. But while i was pregnant my boyfriend told me he had cheated on me at the very beginning of our relationship because he thought we wouldnt last. He promised me it didnt mean anything and that he didnt realize how important i woukd become. I then went kn to believing hed never do it again. But i was wrong. While i was pregant with my son i had stayed the night with my mother due to family reasons and he stayed at the house. I later found out just this year in January, that while i was with my mother he seen a women walking around the house and asked her to come in and got physical. Ive tryed to stop thinking about it, over look it. But we found out i am pregnant again with our second son. And with all these emotions that comes with pregnancy, i am having such a hard time not feeling guilty, and sad about the situation. I have dreams 24/7 of him cheating on me and everytime it makes me even sadder. Has anyone else been cheated on by there spouse? How did you handle it?.