Am I over reacting !?!?

So my boyfriend (of a year) was off yesterday and was barely texting me all day. He always shorts me saying "ok" "haha" "yeah" I usually only get 1 word texts out of him . At 4:50 pm yesterday I asked him why he can't text me even if he's off" I get a text the following morning saying that he was sleeping all day. I think nothing of it till I get a text from my used to be best friend ( we talk alittle now) and she said she hung out with him and my good friend Corey. So after finding this I confronted my boyfriend & he thinks he didn't do anything wrong.. He kept saying "okayyyyyy"  and "holy shit" to everything I had to say. Honestly I'm more mad at the fact he lied and said he was sleeping but he was with my used to be best friend and Corey. Am I over reacting?!?!? 

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