Baby B is on His Way!

Kellie • We are due with our first March 28th!
Well it's official...I'm at the hospital being induced. My water broke early Tuesday morning and they say I'm not leaving the hospital without a baby. 😬 I could be here for a many days.  He is 37 weeks this week so he wants to come a little early but still is considered full term. His due date is March 28. I'm currently on a second round of Cervidil and I am not dilated, not even one cm. We will reassess at 930pm tonight to see where I am. Then we will decide when to take the epidural and if they will give me something else to make it go faster. Baby B is doing fine, my husband is anxious but being awesome, and I'm having small contractions that are not too bad and already super exhausted. It's gonna be a long labor and delivery. Baby B will make his appearance in this world soon!!