Need advice on a sick person

Ok so we're so I start.... I work in a Chinese there is a women who lives opposit it... She comes into Chinese and I know she ain't well...tonight she came in to get food shaking and white as a ghost... She was asking me could I see what she does outside there was nothing there....then she told me there is things in her house trying to poison her and hurt her there is no1 in her house/..she said wen she goes back they will hide on her upstairs but she knows there in her house she is seeing things at her window and all that ain't there... She even said to me I don't think am well... I am home from work now but this has left me really worried about her safety and mental health state what do I do.... Who can I call... This women really ain't well and she has no family as far as I have been told she has even lost her kids to social services please help