Should I stay and wait ?!!

So me and this guy I've been talking for about 3 months he is a junior and I'm freshman he hasn't had a girl friend since his freshman year and I've met his parents and he has met mine but yesterday he crushed me by saying we shouldn't talk anymore but we can still be friends and walk together and stuff and me and him still talk everyday and stuff but he doesn't wanna talk and he wants me to wait till summer after school but that means waiting almost 3 months and that's without us talking and prom is coming up next month and I don't wanna be the girl that stays and looks like a idiot because she thought the guy was gonna come back when he didn't he says he wants me to trust him but it's not that I don't it's just he had talked to a lot of girls in the past and I don't want him to mess around and then him say well we aren't talking or together so it should matter so u need help on wether I should stay and wait or if I should walk away