To my horror: brown spotting! :( Help!!

Lynn 🌈
Hi all, I had bo last September, had brown spotting for few weeks before doctor diagnosed me with bo. I'm pregnant again now 5w4d, no brown spotting. 2 days ago I went for my first doctor visit as I was having light yellowish discharge. Saw the sac. Doc did vaginal exam on me to take some sample for laboratory test to ensure no infection. At night, I noticed light brown discharge. I was shocked and googled to find out it is normal to have brown discharge after vaginal exam. Is it true?? The doctor also asked me to insert Utrogestan vaginally if I experience brown spotting. So last night I inserted Utrogestan. This morning I saw one drop of brown discharge on my pantyliner, when I wiped I can see light brown discharge. I'm soooo scared!!!! I had no brown spotting at all before the doctor visit. Doctor also gave me Duphaston to consume twice a day. Can somebody advise me please? Thanks a lot!!