The Not So Glamorous Moments 😒

I'm so happy to be pregnant and I'm glad it's almost over (I'm 28 weeks) but I'll say, it's nothing like how I thought it would be. There's so much other women don't share. I'll just list a few things that are happening with me personally:
1) The juicy lip chronicles- I have all this access saliva. And it's embarrassing. I have to drink out of a straw in public because if I drink out of a cup I'm sure to have a bead of drool dripping. Great
2) Hairy situations - no this isn't about the constant  hair growth growing everywhere (and I mean everywhere) but this is about my hair actually changing textures. My hair has changed and I can't do anything with it. Been wearing tons of wraps and hats. 
Lastly since I don't want to write all night 
3) Not silent and still deadly- you guys know what I'm talking about. I'm completely embarrassed about my gas. Not only has it become non silent and apparently I'm not even able to hold them in no matter how hard I clinch but help me sweet baby Jesus because they STINK. And seem to happen the most when I'm in public. The other day I fled to an empty isle in the grocery store because I felt one coming. Walking out the isle I turned around to see a sweet old lady walking right into it. It was bad guys, she had one hand on her walker and was fanning the fart away with the other hand. If she would've fell I would've felt horrible. 
But my rant is over. Please share your moments too I would love to hear that I'm not alone.