Samantha • Teenage mommy to be!
Okay so I know this isn't really pregnancy related but I've been having this problem since I was 14 I'm 17 now. Okay so when I was 12 I was almost 200 pounds and then finally one night I told my mom "I want to lose weight, I want to wear pretty clothes I want to HAPPY." By the time I was 15 I had lost about 50 ish pounds and weighed 137-42 and still kept that weight until before I was pregnant, I haven't gained a lot of weight I'm 144 now. But whatever I'm rambling now lol, so one thing I have always hated was my thighs I lost all this weight but the skin was still left their(gross I know) and stretchy and I can't even touch it cause I will have a panic attack like it just feels like fat. I have tried EVERYTHING from workouts to diets to even creams and nothing works and now that I'm pregnant that insecurity has heightened a lot. So if anyone knows some ways to help or personally experienced this now or in the past anything will be helpful! Thanks so much.