hello there I would love to get some help I have a new boyfriend and hes a lot bigger than my ex, my new boyfriend seem to "like it ruff" which I love but after a while the pain gets unbearable which is weird because me and my ex where ruff but it never was sore, we have tried lube and longer foreplay but nothing has made a difference, I miss me and my ex's sex it was so much more passionate but I know that my new boyfriend would hate that, after we have sex I cry because of the pain and the pain lasts about 2-3days which sucks because I can't have sex for a while, the funny thing is me and my new boyfriend had sex before I got with my ex and it was fine I wasn't sore is it the fact that I have been so used with passionate sex for a year please someone give me some advice I have no idea what to do 😭😭😭