Fractured family issues (t.w.)

Trigger warnings: child porn, abusive relationships, possessive mother, etc. 
I need input & im terrified since this platform is such a large audience. My mom raised me up to be fearful of everyone and everything. She always blamed her experience of her cousin molesting her for her borderline abusive "protection". My (half) brother finally got sentenced for 3rd degree child pornography possession, and she acts like her insane "protective" antics never existed. If I failed to check in with her every hour (AS A CHILD) at a friends house, she would magically not have a bed ridden disability and show up blowing the car horn/screaming "I thought you were raped, dying, and dead in a ditch somewhere!" to the point it was obvious these appalled parents told their kids to avoid me, I'm sure angry they had to explain what rape was to their elementary school kids. 
I just don't get it. My brother & sister in law are horrible people and I thought THIS would finally show my parents, but I was wrong. I want to ask her how would she feel if her cousin raped her, recorded it, distributed it, and some creep got caught with it--- but I don't wanna cut that deep. If she doesn't realize how disgusting and serious this is, I don't know what will. 
And of course the verbal name calling happens when I refuse to take the phone and speak to him when I visit my parents, he whines about his "hurt feelings", knowing that is how I got stuck in my first abusive relationship-- because the guy called my mom crying about his hurt feelings of me rejecting a date-- and at 14 she called me a selfish b-tch and "you better go out with that boy". I was stuck with him from age 15 to 18 until she walked in on him beating me. 
My brother Didn't know about my first son until he was over a year old, and doesn't know about number 2. They only came around when they needed something from my parents, or moral obligations like Christmas. I sure as HELL never want my kids around him or my sister in law now. But they haven't met them so far (oldest will be 5 this year) so I'm not worried about it. They will never meet my brother & im fine with it. 
Before his child porn charges came out in 2014, I had asked my dad for gas money to get to an honor society meeting at my college (over an hour away) & got cussed out and called every name they could think of. But a WEEK later, my brother gets arrested for CHILD PORN and they put up every house they own as bail money, no questions asked, that night as soon as they could. If he didn't show up to court, we would have been homeless. Any time I ask for help they answer it with "get child support from those men" & rant about it (my dad only cares about money. When I fell years ago he wanted to sue the shoe company 🙄). I flat out asked them why do they support a person who gets off on children being violated and trash me, a dual-enrolled student with two children and one is a newborn and no father figure in sight and STILL an honor student at BOTH colleges, and all they say is "that's up for us to decide. Not you. We will help him because he is family". ???????? Literally all of my problems stem from my mother's overly justified controlling ways because of her past and sexual abuse, but now her son is one of those people---- the rules don't apply? 
Am I crazy ??????? I don't care who it is, if you get caught looking at child porn to the extent I've heard he did (I never read the news articles, but my friends slipped up and said one video was downloaded over 30 times) I'm going to disown you & would rather support the honor society student. Like is it really that difficult? Should I just cut ties with my own parents once I get on my own feet? They're disabled and elderly, and I don't know if I could afford home-care for them once I move away? I just know I cannot be around this pro-child porn atmosphere. I can't. It makes me feel awful because I know they need me, but I cannot do this anymore. My kids need a healthy mother and this whole situation is making my mind worse. I do so much for my parents & don't have time for a job, but nah let's support the creep who loves watching children get violated! 😖😖 what would you do? These are my parents who need me but clearly they don't care about how I support them & would rather baby and swaddle my disgusting brother. & if anyone reads this, thanks in advanced. I hope it wasn't too rough of a subject but I just need advice from mothers, survivors, & so on. I'm at a breaking point.