Need to get this out

Shaylyn • Our #1 is due in Janurary 💕
I'm 20 and I will have a baby if I so damn please! I'm sick of the hate, I've lived on my own since 17, pay my own bills, cook me and my fiancée meals every night and work a steady job!! Since I was 5 adults around me, my friends, (sadly some boyfriends) co-workers, randoms call me "mom" because I'm a natural nurturer , honestly I baby everyone, I don't know why. I grew up in a family that has had children young and raised in my family's dayhome, caring after children is just sometimes I feel like I was born to do, I dream of the day where I have a purpose and responsibility such as being a mother, I envy mothers around me more than anything. I will never regret TTC young, I will have more energy, more life with them and best of all when I'm 48 I'll be sipping martini's on vacation while my kids are off at university. 💕💕 
Rant over// baby dust to you all & send some my way if you can 💕