I got almost 7 hours of sleep - this feels amazing! :-D

Rita • 39 year old software engineer and science nerd, mom of two.

So I've been suffering from insomnia for two weeks - right from the day I found out I was pregnant, and only had about 5 hours of sleep at night.

At first I thought it was the excitement or because I was waiting to get up and take a pregnancy test, but it wasn't really. Then I thought it might be the bloating, so I almost managed to get rid of that by taking more walks, which often helps the stomach. But I kept waking up after 5 hours.

And then I read about morning sickness and the reason it comes in the morning may be low blood sugar and I figured that maybe it wasn't my insomnia making the nausea worse, maybe it was the other way around. So last night I chewed at some tiny slices of ginger and had some protein drink right before bedtime. Not too much, because then I would just wake up to go to the bathroom instead. I also threw the cat out of the bedroom just to be safe he wouldn't wake me up.

And here I am and I only woke up 50 minutes earlier than I was supposed to. This is so great! Tonight I'll try with a little more and see if I can't sleep all the way through to the alarm goes off :-D