💩 Toilet catastrophe 💩

I was at my boyfriends house and was using his downstairs toilet. They have to use very thin toilet paper because they have a poor plumbing system. Anyway, long story short, I used too much and let's just say talking about our time in the bathroom isn't a topic we normally discuss, let alone see and cleanup. I had totally taken my first poop at my boyfriends house and go figure the toilet would completely overflow. I couldn't get it to stop so I had to call him in. The floor was already soaked and he had to walk in it to fix the toilet. I was mortified! My poop was all over my boyfriends floor and I couldn't disguise the situation!!! I felt so bad and spent probably an hour sanitizing every inch of that bathroom. Safe to say we weren't in the mood for sex that night. Thank god we were the only two home!