My son was born 1/14/16 when his due date wasn't until 2/26/16 due to me having preeclampsia. He was in the special care nursery for 23 days and came home on 2/6/16. Well toward the end of his time in special care my milk supply was decreasing fast due to him never latching. It's pretty much almost dried up now but I keep pumping in hopes to increase it but it's not working. I've tried the fenugreek mix and several other things but it's not working. I've talked to my doctor and she pretty much just blew it off and said oh well. I really don't want to stop being that he was early and needs the nutritants. I can't afford a lactation consultant and I need help. Any of y'all have any advice or have been/going through this now? I'll try anything at this point. I feel like I'm a bad mom because I can't give him what he needs most ):